There are 100s of different apprenticeships to choose from across many occupations and sectors.

Many apprenticeship schemes offer the equivalent to Foundation as part of the programme, so you can get the same qualifications as university students while working, earning and getting ahead in the labour market.
If you’re not sure you qualify for an Intermediate

Apprenticeship or you’re not quite ready for an apprenticeship, traineeships can help you get ready. Brush up on your Maths, English and IT skills with new qualifications. Getting work experience will give you the confidence you need, and you’ll be practicing your interview technique! Enquire today to find out more.

Levels of an apprenticeship




5 GSCE passes at grades A* to C  
2 A level passes  
Higher & Degree
4, 5, 6 and 7
Foundation degree, bachelor's or master's degree  


An Intermediate Level Apprenticeship is equivalent to 5 GCSEs grade A*-C and is the most popular level of apprenticeship. To be accepted onto an Intermediate Level Apprenticeship you must be enthusiastic, eager to learn, and possess GCSE qualifications in English and Maths. If you don’t have these GCSE qualifications you will need to sit numeracy and literacy tests prior to enrolment which will enable us to help you to get to the level needed for a successful apprenticeship

Throughout an Intermediate Level Apprenticeship, you will spend your time working for an employer, shadowing a skilled expert and learning on the job. In addition to this, you will be assigned a Trainer Assessor who will monitor your progress against specific tasks you have to complete to successfully achieve your qualification.

The vocational qualifications which you will undertake will be relevant to the industry in which you are working. Upon completion, you will receive a Level 2 Competence Qualification, a Functional Skills Qualification and a relevant knowledge based qualification.

After gaining these qualifications, you will be eligible to enrol onto an Advanced Level Apprenticeship if desired, and then further to a Higher Level Apprenticeship and beyond.

Level 2

Equivalent to foundation degrees and above


An Advanced Level Apprenticeship is equivalent to 2 A Level passes, and usually takes 24 months to complete. To be accepted onto an Advanced Level Apprenticeship you must have 5 GCSE qualifications grades A*-C, English and Maths included, or have completed an Intermediate Level Apprenticeship. Many Advanced Level Apprenticeships are competitive, and most applicants possess at least the 5 GCSEs required, some have even completed other level 3 apprenticeships too. Those with existing level 3 qualifications may complete their additional level 3 in less than the specified 24 months.

An Advanced Level Apprenticeship allows you to further your development and broaden the knowledge that you have gained through the Intermediate Level Apprenticeship or previous qualifications.

Level 3

Equivalent to two A-levels

Higher & Degree

A Higher Level Apprenticeship functions in a similar way to the other levels in that you will undertake a combination of work-based learning and theory-based learning.

Because this apprenticeship is of a high standard, there are currently fewer places available due to a lower number of employers offering them, however with the Government’s commitment to apprenticeships, this is set to change.

The level 4-5 Higher Apprenticeships are the equivalent to a pre-university Foundation Degree, while the level 6-7 Higher Apprenticeships are the equivalent to a Bachelor of Arts or a Master of Science degree. To enrol in this programme, you must have completed an Advanced Level Apprenticeship, A Levels, an Advanced Diploma or an International Baccalaureate.

Level 4-5

Equivalent to foundation degrees and above

Level 6-7

Equivalent to masters


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